Leaf Primer


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Gold Leaf Primer is a water-based liquid glue used to apply metal leaf an Metal flakes. Use to prime your chosen object before applying your metal leaf. Always apply the foil to a clean, dry surface. The metal leaf can usually be applied around 20 minutes after the primer, but this time can vary and the leaf should never be applied when the primer is still wet. Very porous surfaces may need a second layer of primer. When the primer has dried, apply the metal leaf and press it gently onto the surface using a dry brush. Carefully remove any excess leaf with a cloth or a brush and then leave it to dry for at least 12 hours before polishing it with a soft polishing cloth. We recommend that you apply a coat of Art Deco varnish to the finished item to protect it from wear and tear. Brushes and other tools should be cleaned with water before the paste has dried.

50 ml jar

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