Melt Art Kool Toolz kit


SKU: SUZ 15888

Non-stick and heat resistant. Includes tweezer spoon and spatula. 
They're not just tweezers-they're a spoon too! This dual action tool provides a flick-of-the-wrist quick conversion from gripping and dipping to scooping and sprinkling. The tool is made from a resilient non-stick nylon for fast and easy clean up. Use the tweezers side for dipping and removing items from the Melting Pot. Their long shaft keeps hands cool and safe. Use the spoon side to stir swirl and marbleize your Melt Art Materials to mix in colorants for special effects and for embellishing. Scoop up hot material from the Melting Pot and drizzling it onto your project. Pick up spoonful's of glitter glass beads UTEE and other adornments to sprinkle on as embellishments.

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